System Solar Pump


The SY.SO. PUMP series switchboards are designed to be powered by a double energy source:
Photovoltaic panels; 800Vdc.
Three-phase electrical network; 400V 50/60HZ.
When operating with photovoltaic panels, the software set in the inverter always keeps the electric pump powered at the point of maximum performance of the photovoltaic panels.
The power supply of the electric pump is guaranteed, with the MPPT sw of the inverter, from the minimum power supply frequency of the motor from 30 HZ to a maximum of 50/60 HZ in relation to the voltage and
energy of the panels between 650 VDC to allow start pump and 410 VDC to stop the pump.
There is a minimum cosphi threshold in the inverter, below which if the pump does not apply pressure, the dry running alarm is stopped and signaled.
In the panel there is the overvoltage protection on the panels and the intervention is signaled on the front panel.
The panel is equipped with a disconnector of the photovoltaic system and a disconnector of the electrical network.
For periods of low irradiation or at night, it is possible to use the electricity grid and the inverter automatically maintains the power supply of the electric pump at the maximum frequency of 50/60 HZ or at the speed set with the PT1 potentiometer positioned inside the panel.
Inside the panel it is also possible to select the inverter operation in MPPT / PID:
MPPT electric pump powered at fixed revolutions based on the ener-
gy of the panels/network and the position of the potentiometer.
PID electric pump set to work at constant pressure on the pressure set
set with the POT1 potentiometer.
On the front panel there is the inverter monitor panel to report and set the main parameters of the system.
The SY.SO.PUMP panels have a general contact output as standard to signal remote alarms and a modbus RS 485 output.

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