Remote Antenna

Antenna remota

Remote antenna for GSM900C module, quad band stilo with magnetic base, 5 meters cable, SMA-M connector.

Remote module signals

Modulo SR

The module is designed to be connected to a max of 10 digital inputs in the surveillance area and reporting on the DSRC with a two-wire communication MODBUS RS 485 the signals coming to the fire fighting group.

485 Module

Modulo 485

The module is designed to be installed only within equipment and convert the standard RS232 in two-wire RS485.

PTA: 4-20mA Pression Tranducer


4-20 mA pression tranducer 10, 16, 25 bar.

SSBTP control mode


Module with electric probes for supervision and control of submersible three-phase pumps.

Luminous Column with Acoustic Alarm - Led flashing light

Colonna luminosa

Luminous column with green lamp, red lamp and a acoustic alarm to applicate out of the pumps room as required by standard UNI 11292.

Lampeggiante LED

LED flashing light for the status plant signalization (12Vdc 150mA).

Watertight battery

Batteria Tampone

12V 0,8 Ah or 12V 2,3Ah lead watertight battery used to keep active the alarms even in the absence of power supply.

Piezoresistive buzzer


Piezoresisitive acoustic signaller 12 VDC with cables.

Instrument kit

Instruments kit composed by voltmetter with phases switch and ammeter to combine with the panels for the control of voltage and current.

Kit Strumenti

Sequency phases module

Modulo Controllo

3-Phase monitoring module for the phase Sequence.

Power supply + battery kit

Modulo Controllo

Power supply + 2,3Ah or 0,8Ah battery to keep active the alarms even in the absence of power supply line.